Max's Dank Network

Welcome to the Max's Dank Network! Not as underground as it used to be, but still should be decent.


Here, we believe in the rule of "don't be an asshole". The idea is simple: if the majority tells you to fuck off, just calm your tits down unless you want the channel to vote to kick you off the server. Other than that, as long as it's legal in Canada where the server is hosted, we don't care.

Connection Information

This server is hosted on Join the main chat room in #chat!

Port Service
80 Web Client
443 Web Client (Secure)
Tor/80 Tor Website
6667 good ol' plaintext IRC
Tor/6667 voidnetfml4yulpa.onion
6668 Plaintext, cloaked
6697 SSL
6698 SSL, cloaked

Official Channels

More to come as they are created and interest is shown.

Channel Topic
#chat General talking. Just come in and hang out with everyone!